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Weekly Rates - Call for pricing

We are a small quiet motel that does offer winter weekly rates.  To reserve a weekly rate you must add the required security deposit.  Deposits for a standard room are $200.  You can pay $100 each week until it is met.  Deposits on units with kitchens are $300.  You can pay $150 towards it until it is met.  Once you have reserved for a week the full amount is non-refundable, as we offer limited rooms on a weekly basis.  If you break house rules (detailed below), you will be evicted with no refund.  Please do not book if you are not comfortable with house rules.  Rules are strictly enforced and non-negotiable.

CHECK IN is 4pm or after. For check-ins after 6 PM guests must contact us to arrange late arrival. 

CHECK OUT is 10 AM or earlier.  Understand that if you have not paid for another week by 10 AM or earlier, you must be checked out of the unit by 10 AM.  Guests who stay beyond without payment will be evicted, subject to late check out fees, and can be charged with trespassing.  

The Pondside Motel is a non-smoking pet free facility and if you smoke in the room or the enclosed porch or bring in a pet you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee for standard rooms and $500 for units with kitchens and evicted immediately.

Rates vary based on availability and number of people.  Put in your dates to see pricing.  Be sure to put in the correct number of people (including children) to reflect the correct pricing.  This is important as no one is allowed to be in the room or the hall that is not a registered guest with the room.

We reserve the right to correct any online pricing errors.

House Rules 

1. No Visitors for any length of time.

2. Heat to a max of 70 degrees. Utilities must be turned off when not in room and heat lowed to 62 degrees. During A/C      season.  Room temp not to be lower than 72 and A/C off when not in room.

3. No Smoking or Vaping in the room. Outside smoking (not in the hall) is fine with the door closed.

Dispose of butts in the urn provided.

4. No Pets.

5. Dispose of trash around the back of the building in the dumpster.

6. Quiet time is from 9PM - 9AM.

7. No housekeeping service.  We do not provide extra towels, sheet changes, coffee etc.  Rooms should be kept neat

     and tidy by guest.

8. Do not talk on your cell phone in the hall.

9. Only cooking with micro, no other appliances allowed. No outside barbecues allowed.

10. If you are outside your room, you must be properly clothed. This includes a shirt and shoes.

11. Leave room in same condition and cleanliness as arrival day to ensure full deposit return.  And must provide a one week

       notice to leave (standard rooms)  2 week notice (kitchen units) otherwise 1/2 the deposit is forfeited.  

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